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Thursday, July 19, 2007

We Have Moved Onboard

Apologies for the lack of entries lately, things have been a little hectic here. We moved onboard Hadar Thursday last week, and Misty Lady went to her new owner this Tuesday. Despite Hadar being not quite finished we have settled in quite nicely, even Paddy thinks it is great, he has more doors to look out of. Everything works, electrics, hot & cold running water, gas, washing machine and the shower we both christened and it was fabulous compared to the one on Misty Lady, no bathside to have to step up over. Only thing we haven't tested yet is the generator, but we need to take the boat to Stone Boat Builders to fill her up with diesel to be able to do that. When I say fill her up, she takes 150 gallons, 862litres, I hope they have enough for us!!!


Ade said...

I wanted to read about the build of Hadar so eventually found it from Jo's current blog.
What an amazing job Roger and his team did not forgetting Tina with the brushes.
It's been a great record of the build so 10 years afloat next summer.
Thanks for sharing

Keith Lodge said...

Glad you found the BLOG and enjoyed it. Although it was 9 years ago, it seems like only yesterday. Keith.