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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Hadar's Relaunch

Wednesday was quite a day for Keith and I because it was Relaunch day for Hadar. She was getting to see the daylight in her new colours for the first time. The weather was not the best, but it was as good as we were going to get, sunshine and heavy showers were forecast, and that was what we got.
Tina the boat painter had done an amazing job on Hadar's paintwork, and now everyone can see it in its full glory. So a huge thank you to Tina for doing such a wonderful job.

Hadar Ready to Come Out.

Despite the weather yesterday, Roger decided to go ahead with relaunching Hadar. The first stage of her journey begins with rolling her out manually until one strap can be placed around the stern. Then it gets easier as a lift of the stern and the crane drags her out far enough to be able to get the lifting cradle in the right position.

Gently Does It.

At this stage the bow is rolling on rollers inside the shed. It all has to be taken very slowly stopping and checking at regular intervals to make sure everything is going alright.

Halfway Out.

Once she is far enough out of the shed to get the full lifting cradle and both straps on things can move a bit quicker, if a bit precariously. From this point she has to be fully extracted from the shed and then turned through 90° without hitting the main unit, there is not a lot of room for error with a 70' boat.

Full Lift from Now.

With the bow now clear of the unit it is plain sailing from here, everyone back breath again.

Nearly There.

Safely back in the water and hopefully no scratches in the new paintwork. It was a fantastic day, despite the rain. Nothing dampens our spirits. We are now very close to having her finished.

Safely Back in the Water.
Keep watching this space as Hadar is finished. It was an emotional day for us both seeing our new boat go back in the water safely. Thank you Roger for giving her a smooth journey from the paintshed. We are now wearing perminant smiles and will continue to do so for many years to come. We will have more news next week so see you then.


Epiphany said...

Congratulations on a great job. May your smiles continue.



Jo said...

Hi John.
Thank you very much for the message. Now we cannot wait to go cruising, so we can see what she can do.
Have a good weekend..

Maureen Davies said...

It looks brill congrats to you both have a lovely time on her
Maureen (madasa)

Jo said...

Hi Maureen.
Thank you so much for your message. We will be making the most of our time aboard Hadar, and who knows we may get to meet up in the future, so you can come aboard and enjoy a coffee or something a little stronger.
We will be keeping her diary up as we travel, so people will know where we are.

Del & Al said...

WOW! She looked great in the paint shed, but looks even better in the must be overjoyed. We'll open a couple of cans this end....I'm sure you will that end!!

Andy Edwards said...

Wow, wow, wow! What a stunner. Congratulations to you both and I very much look forward to seeing her 'in the flesh/steel' in passing at some point.

Jo said...

Hi Del & Al.
Thank you for the message.
We are totally overjoyed. The electrics are all being connected up now, so we will have lights yayayayaya. With luck we will get to meet up sometime when your boat is done and cruising.
Take care.

Jo said...

Hugsss Andy. She is a stunner huh, and well worth the waiting for. I have no doubt that we will see you at some point, even if we have to moor up opposite your marina, and come and knock on your door hahahaha.
Thank you for the message.

Sarah said...

Hi Jo

Going back a post or two (catching up!) that vinyl on your back cabin floor, did it actually come with the pattern running diagonally or did you have a lot of wastage? Our tiles aren't lasting very well and I'm going to be wanting some vinyl soon but we had a terrible job finding any suitable before. Will be following your travels and bound to meet up soon. We leave Atherstone for St Ives on August 4th ...

Jo said...

Hi Sarah.
The pattern was not originally like that, Roger cut the vinyl to give us this pattern. We actually found two off cuts in a local carpet shop for £15, which was an absolute bargin. We still have a small amount left over, not sure what I will do with that yet, but I dare say I will find a place for it LOL.
I certainly hope we will catch up with you at some point. I hope you have a wonderful time at St.Ives. if all goes well we may get to next years rally, alot depends on where it is, and where we are at the time. So many people to see and places to visit, who knows where the canal will take us, when the time comes.
Our first trip out will be up the Caldon for her shake down cruise, which should be in a couple of weeks if all goes well.
Right off to check on your blog now hahaha. Have a good day... Jo