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Friday, August 03, 2007

First Trip.

Awaiting the 800litres of Diesel.

Yesterday following the fitting of the fenders we took Hadar down to Stone Boat Building to fill up with diesel. This was her 2nd trip out, but the 1st doesn't count as we only winded her so we could fit the stern fenders. It takes quite a while to load in 800litres of diesel, and a lot of money!

The Builder Tries Her Out.

Whilst we were filling her up with fuel Roger appeared and we invited him to have a play with her.

The Return Trip.

Having winded her I took over the controls and brought her back.

She Moves Beautifully.

As can be seen from these photos she moves gracefully through the water, hardly creating a ripple.
Approaching Lime Kiln Lock.

Still in one piece and not sunk.

Coming Up through Lime Kiln Lock.

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