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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

A peaceful weekend and a busy week

Heading into the weekend and who should we see coming towards the basin above Lime Kiln Lock, but Andy and his dog Simba on Khayamanzi. He was a welcome sight as we had not seen him for almost a year, whilst on our travels. Andy was well and heading for the Anderton lift and the river Weaver. So after a quick natter with him on the move we said our goodbyes and hoped to see him again soon. Andy had a wonderful floral display on his roof top, an absolute credit to him.

With the weekend uopn us we took "Hadar" out of the basin and onto out boat painters mooring whilst they took their boat out for the weekend, it gave us the opportunity to clear out the hold of all the stored goodies we had in their. We had decided if there was no room for it in a cupboard, draw or under the floor, then it was going either in the skip or in the boat sale boxes. It was actually amazing because we managed to store a lot of the stuff on the boat. Although I did fill two boxes with things to sell.
Roger is on holiday with his family so there was no problems with us getting things sorted out on the boat, it was a wonderful chance to get ourselves organised, if you ever really do that LOL.

Paddy has well and truly made himself at home on the boat, and likes to curl up by the saloon stive with his head on the harth. Whilst taking this photograph Paddy was having doggy dreams, his paws were twitching and he was making gruff noises, he looks so sweet and peaceful.
The weekend over, we moved onto the towpath mooring and moored up infront of us was a boat named Beau, it's owner was a lovely gentleman called Trevor. (Hi Trevor if your looking in). Trevor took a real liking to Paddy and jokingly asked if he could have him, to with my reply was "No" LOL. Anyway after chatting about life, boat, life and more boating, he has asked for the Border Collie Trusts phone number, which I got for him, so he can find himself a suitable dog for the boat. I really hope he finds a lovely collie and that we get to see him again soon.

Today (Wednesday) and we had a lovely visit from some blogging friends on their narrowboat Balmaha. Their blog is well worth a read, it can be very entertaining. Mo and Vanessa came to see "Hadar", and of course us lol, it was actually wonderful to put names to faces, and you know I felt like I had known them for many years, and yet today was the first time we had met in person. They spent must have been a good 3 hours with us, how the time flew as we nattered about all things boaty. It was wonderful to finally meet them and to find out how things were for them on the cut.

Keith and I then walked on round to Mo and Vanessa's boat, and a beautiful boat it is too. The photographs do not do their boat justice. It is a credit to them and the builder who built for them. They are now on their way, and will be making their way possibly onto the Caldon so if you see them give them a cheerie wave and say hello. Mo and Vanessa we hope to see you on the return trip... So as you can see although nothing much is happening on "Hadar" we have been kept busy.

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