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Saturday, August 18, 2007

New friends and wonderful comments

This is just a quick message to say hello and wish you a wonderful weekend.
Roger is now back from his holiday on his boat's Azalea and butty Ilford, you may have spotted them if you were on the Llangollen. They were spotted by Sarah on NB Arcadia, who is hoping to be in Stone in the next week or two, and we are looking forward to saying hello to a fellow blogger.
Hadar has been receiving some wonderful comments whilst she has been out on the towpath. With people stopping to ask about her and her engine. I would like to to say "Hello" to those on NB Hannah, who came past us and said they had been following "Hadar" on this diary. Maybe next time we will get to have a proper natter.
Hello to the folks from working boat Denebola, which is also a Grand Union boat. They were walking along the towpath and had a nice chat with Keith.
We have been asked if "Hadar" is an original working boat been done up, and as you all know she is brand new, but in a way she is an original. She is a Roger Fuller original, and there will never be another one like her, even if Roger does build another Small Northwich for another customer. Because all of Rogers boats are Bespoke you will never ever see two the same.
Well it is the weekend and we hope that where ever you are, you are having a wonderful time. Hopefully next week things will progress on "Hadar" and I can add some photos to let you see the work being carried out. Take care and stay safe.

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