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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Bonfire Night.

Our Guy.
Having been given the pleasure of organising Bonfire Night. Tina and I decided what the bonfire needed was a nice looking guy. So we found some trousers, a shirt, a hat, scarf and a jacket and set about stuffing our guy with any rubbish to hand. We recycled a chair that was destined for the bonfire anyway, and roped our guy to it. Poor thing he did look like he knew his destiny. But although I say it myself, I think Tina and I did an excellent job of the guy and getting the evening organised.
Firework contributions.
People coming to the bonfire do, contributed some fireworks for the display and as you can see we had more than enough for an excellent display.

Tina and I had spent the early part of the day organising where everything was going to go, including the bar-b-que. With people arriving at 7pm we made sure the bar-b-que was up and running for everyone to place their offering onto it. Friends bought burgers, sausages, a pot of soup, and a pot of chilli, plenty of bread rolls and of course plenty to drink. We had all three grills going, so there was plenty of room to lay out the food. No one went without throughout the evening, it was a huge success.
The Guy.

Every guy knows his destiny, and our guy was no different, well unless you count his LED eye's which Roger's brother Martin fitted. Whilst he burnt everyone was taking bets on how long the eyes would keep going. if i recall they lasted 9 minutes from what we could see in between the smoke and fire from the bonfire.

One very happy engine driver.

Keith really enjoyed driving one of Roger's engines. It has given him a lot of pleasure helping to restore the wagons and the adding new track.

All aboard.

Train Rides for everyone.

Everyone enjoyed a train ride around the boatyard.

Fireworks Display.
Keith, Roger and a few helpers gave us all a fantastic firework display.
Around the bonfire.

A wonderful evening was had by all those who attended, we finished up sitting around the fire chatting. No there was no singing, it would of probably put the fire out LOL.


Robin Lee Sardini said...

Now this looks like great fun!

******** said...

Hi Robin. Welcome aboard. It was great fun. Everyone who came had a good time, and the boys enjoyed playing trains LOL.

Andy Edwards said...

Boys and their toys! Looks like great fun and I wait with interest to see the first full complete loop once the track is repaired. The bonfire night looks great! I think you win the award for the most technically advanced guy, consider animatronics next year!!

******** said...

Hi Andy. The track is complete. Roger is now organising for more signals, and they have another wagon to rebuild. It really is fantastic and Roger's pride and joy. Both he and Keith have really enjoyed getting it working properly. If we get another sunny day I will take some more pics of the layout.
Roger's brother Martin did the eye's I will pass on the idea for next year hahahaha.