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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Pistons Go In.

Cleaning the Pistons before Installation.

Having successfully installed the Liners yesterday, we set about installing the pistons. First the piston and con rod assembly was cleaned up very carefully. Then the lowest oil ring was fitted to the piston as once it is in the engine the piston will not come up high enough to fit this lower ring. The piston and con rod were then installed into the engine.
However things were going too well. We then fitted the remaining oil ring and 3 piston rings. We worked the oil ring into the liner, but the 1st of the piston rings proved to be a tad difficult. We removed the rings and Roger checked their thickness, they were too thick! A quick phone call to the supplier and he said they were all he had. An overnight plan had to be formulated.

1st Piston in Place.

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