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Saturday, September 06, 2008

After all we are British.

Saturday 6th September.

Last night we went to The Rising Sun and had another lovely meal. The pub was very busy, with people eating and there were those who were there for the music. We then joined friends on their boat for a coffee and a chat, before we all made our way to the beer tent, which was staying open throughout the weekend. There is something wonderful about us brits, we are all so stoic, we seem to let nothing get us down, not even the weather. It was easy to see why the organisers of the festival cancelled the event, as the field being used for the event was under water. As we walked to and from the beer tent we were sloshing about in the water and mud. The rain did not lay off even through the night, and when we woke up this morning it was still pouring. So although it was a difficult decision to cancel, it was the right one. No one seems to be down hearted this morning. Some people have been leaving, but it looks like the majority of boaters are staying for the weekend. I am pretty sure we will all make our own fun. The Shackerstone Railway is still running, so we will take a steam train ride later today.
My heart goes out to the organisers of the festival and all the volunteers who gave up their time, to make this event a success, they must all be feeling pretty gutted, but this is Britain and we cannot predict the weather. Still there is always next year, when it will be the 15th year of the Shackerstone festival. having watched the news last night it seems some areas have been hit hard with the weather, and all events acorss the country have been cancelled, so we are not alone. So on this note I am off to make us some lunch. we shall see what the afternoon has to offer.


Maureen said...

Hi again Jo! Apologies for being away so very long... I have been busy catching up after summer holidays. It has been very wet and cool here as well. Fall is not far away, which doesn't bother me as I prefer the cooler weather.

Do you choose somewhere special to dock for the winter once the ice freezes up the canals?

Take care, will write to say hello again soon!

Keith Lodge said...

Hi maureen. Lovely to see you. I need to do some catching up as well. Life seems to take over ha ha.
We do not moor up over winter, we are known as continuous cruisers, so therefore we keep moving all year round.