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Friday, September 05, 2008

Rain, rain and yet more rain

Wednesday 3rd August.

Rain, Rain and yet more rain.

Yesterday evening ended in us seeing a beautiful rainbow on the offside of the canal. It certainly brightened the end of what had been a hit and miss day weather wise.So when we woke up this morning and the sun looked to be shining we thought we may just be able to enjoy some decent weather, but that was to be short lived. As we enjoyed a conversation with Nancy and Donald who own N.B Xanthus who are moored behind us, dark skies gathered behind us and rain began to fall yet again, with it came strong winds.Have you noticed that this year has been a windy one?
So we cocooned ourselves inside Hadar again, with the back stove once again burning, to keep out the damp and the chilly wind. The wind was blowing down the canal producing waves on the waters surface. Even the ducks had gone into hiding. We had a day of sunshine and showers, the showers then merged into a longer spell of rain as the day wore on. At 6.15pm Mal on N.B Becky arrived and breasted up along side of us, and yes it was raining again. We introduced ourselves to Mal and then disappeared back into the warmth of the boat. I am sure we will get to speak to Mal more over the next few days. It is definitely not the weather to be outside of an evening. It is TV watching weather, thank goodness for a good signal.

Thursday 4th and Friday 5th September.

The less said about yesterday (Thursday) the better, as it rained for most of the day, only brightening up towards the evening. Despite the heavy rain, boats were arriving for the historic boat exhibition and there are plenty of ordinary boats gathering as well, which is fantastic considering the weather conditions.The festival site is also coming a long despite the muddy conditions. They have been assembling the fun fair; we now have a large wheel opposite out boat over the hedge.More porta loo’s have arrived, so at least no one will get taken short. So yesterday was not great weather wise, but hey it can only improve. We spent the evening watching TV. We sat and watch ‘Ghost Hunting with Paul O’Grady and Friends’ on ITV2. I found it a little un-nerving, but it was one of those programs you just had to watch. The Catacombs in Palermo were a bit gruesome, and not sure I could have gone down there like Paul and the others did. I am surprised with his heart condition they allowed him to do the program.
So Thursday was a dead loss as far as the weather was concerned, and this morning did not start out any better. As soon as we woke up we were aware of rain hitting the boats roof. At least I don’t need to wash the boat, or polish the brass, there is little point right now. Paddy had a wet walk along the towpath, which is holding up pretty well as far as mud is concerned. I do however wish that the dog owners at this festival would pick up after their dogs. I know most are because I have seen them, but there seems to be at least one dog owner who does not keep an eye on their pooch when they allow her off of the boat. Because it is so awful out, I decided to go into baking mode. I made a Victoria Sandwich for over the weekend, and a sausage casserole which is cooking in the back cabin stove, that will tide us over the next couple of days. We are off to the pub again this evening for a meal, after we collect our welcome pack for the festival at 6pm. Lets hope it is not chucking it down, like it is at the moment. Ann has taken my order for the local store, who will deliver at lunch time. We have a good stock of everything food wise onboard, but it is always nice to have a fresh loaf of bread, it means I can leave the one I have in the freezer for another day. So with severe weather warnings being given out on the radio, for heavy rain and strong winds, it looks like today will be a wash out. I really feel for those people organising this festival, and those who are trying to put everything up, the conditions are not pleasant at all. I did have a giggle to myself earlier. I saw a lady and gentleman walking a long the towpath donned in yellow waterproof clothing, carrying bin liners and litter picking sticks. BW had sent them out to collect litter along the towpath. Now surely that would have been best done over the weekend when the festival is on? As far as I could see there was no litter to pick, all the boaters were being very tidy, as good boaters always are. So this couple were getting wet for no reason. I wonder if BW will have anyone out over the weekend or does that mean they get paid over time?
I would suggest if you are coming to the Shackerstone Festival, you bring either wellies, or good walking boats, plus waterproof clothing, as the forecast if sunshine and showers. But do not let the weather put you off coming, it should be a fantastic weekend. We are both really looking forward to it.

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