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Saturday, May 09, 2009

Following in the tourists steps.

With the Little Venice Cavalcade over for another year and with little to do until we head for the Rickmansworth Boat Festival, we took the opportunity to join the masses on the tourist trail. Yesterday Keith went off to a BT works reunion, where he met up with fellow workers he worked with 27 years ago in London. The one thing about reunions is you meet up with people you had totally lost contact with over the years. A good time was had by all from what Keith said. I was home alone in the afternoon, so took myself off to investigate Edgeware Road and all it had to offer, making sure I knew how to get back to the boat, as I am not that great with directions and can get myself lost easily. The Edgeware Road has a variety of shops, large and small. They supply all nationalities who reside in the area. It was busy as the market was taking place, so after a walk around I headed back to the boat, and the jobs I had left behind when I went out.

Keith is still getting over another virus he picked up since receivering from the one he picked up before we went into dry dock at Uxbridge on the 11th April. He still has a nasty cough, but he assures me that he feels fine. So with his assurance we decided to head into the West End to go and see Harrods.
I have seen it plenty of times on the TV, and always wanted to have a look inside. As Keith had never stepped inside the store either, we joined the throngs of tourists and took the tube from Paddington into the West End and arrived outside of the Harrods store. It really is an immensely grand place, which is just as impressive on the inside. I did find it really rather too posh for my liking and some of the prices of things was quite shocking, but I suppose if you have that sort of money then you can buy anything. For one pair of Jeans they were asking £297. If you bought three pairs you got the third pair at half price hahahaha now that is good of them. After having had a quick peek into another persons life style, which was definitely not for us we left and headed for Covent Garden, with its street entertainers and market stalls, which was much more our scene. The gentleman in the photograph (above), was catching a cup, saucer and spoon on his head after balancing them on his foot. It was really entertaining and he was brilliant at drawing the crowd in. We had thought we may go to the London Transport Museum, but with it being £10 for each adult, we soon changed our minds. Sarah Siddons, the oldest working main line electric locomotive in Britain, which is housed in the museum, will make special trips between Harrow-on-the-Hill, via Rickmansworth to Amersham on Sunday 17 May as part of the Rickmansworth Festival, so we look forward to seeing her there. Before lunch we walked around Somerset House. You cannot help but be amazed at the architecture, it really is quite stunning as are all the old buildings in London. In the courtyard they have 55 fountains which in the summer dance and in the winter you can skate on the ice rink.
Although I find London an exciting and vibrant city, as a country girl born and breed, I do find the crowds of people overpowering, and if it were not for me holding Keith's hand most of the time, I would surely have got lost. Thankfully Keith knows London well, from his days working in the capital, so I just followed as he led the way. We stopped for lunch at the Thai Square Restaurant, where we enjoyed a fabulous lunch. With lunch over, we once more joined the crowds and headed for Chinatown, which dates back to the 17th Century and beyond. It has plenty of places to eat and drink, not to mention the Chinese Supermarkets, where you can buy your very own genuine Chinese produce. If you are coming to London you really must visit Chinatown, and soak up the atmosphere of a place steeped in history.
We also walked around Leicester Square with its cinema's and theatres. We have promised ourselves that one day we will go and see something at one of the many theatres. At the moment there is so much to see.
Having enjoyed our jaunt out, it was time to head back on to the tube at Leicester Square and get off at Paddington Station. The tube was packed today, due to work being carried out on the Circle and Jubilee lines. At times we felt like sardines in a tin. Keith assured me it is far worse on a week day at rush hour. So back onboard Hadar, we have settled in for the rest of the day. I sat watching a film, whilst Keith took a nap. It has been a wonderful day.


Diana said...

Looks like you had a tiring day!

I went to Harrods once several years ago and must admit I couldn't wait to get out of the place, I wasn't comfortable surrounded by all those people with more money than sense, I felt completely out of my comfort zone.

I've never been to Somerset House, must make a point of doing so, it looks very interesting :)

Keith Lodge said...

Hi LadyB. I know exactly how you felt, because I felt the same. I really find it difficult to see how anyone can defend spending the sort of money they are asking for things in that store. But I suppose if you have money, it does not matter. I said to Keith even if I had that sort of money, I could not justify spending huge amounts of money on things that you can buy for far less at other stores. I am a Primark girl hahahaha.