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Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Welcome Visitor.

Yesterday evening having eaten dinner, we were enjoying a cup of coffee, when my mobile phone rang, which was somewhat of a surprise, because it rarely rings. On the other end the voice asked "Where are you. Are you at Ricky yet". My reply was "No, who is this". His reply was "It's Tom on the Archimedes and Ara. Where are you then?". I told Tom that we were above Black Jack's Lock, so he said he would be coming our way in a short while, as he was taking on a delivery of diesel. An hour later, I happened to look out of the back cabin doors and saw two large bows coming up the canal, so grabbed my windlass and went off down to the lock to set it for Tom. Keith and I helped Tom up through the lock. It was then I enquired if he would like a cup of tea. As he is not one to refuse an offer of either tea or food, he moored up alongside us. We supplied the tea and he supplied the biscuits. Now I do not want to make Tom blush, but he really is the nicest young man, who loves the job he does on Archimedes and Ara. Tom took over the boats and the diesel and coal business from Barney Richardson last year and has made the route his own. Tom sells diesel, coal and gas on the Southern Grand Union Canal and London. He also has Elsan Blue, logs, firelighters and kindling onboard, so he can cater to your every need should you be in his area.
We both love chatting to Tom, because it is so refreshing to chat to a member of the younger generation who knows what he wants to do with his life. So many of the youngsters these days get a bad name, because of a few bad eggs who are involved in illegal things. Tom is living proof that not all young people are living life on the wrong side of the tracks. He has a great knowledge of the boats and the people on the canal, it is a pleasure to know him. Tom runs the coal boats on his own and gets his coal supplies from the family business W.G Hill and Son, Twyford, Buckinghamshire. It really is a family run business, with each member of the family, having a part to play in the business. When Tom is not on the boats he is in the yard filling coal bags.
We spent a good couple of hours chatting about everything to do with boats and boating, before Tom needed to move as he had a customer to supply with diesel before it got totally dark. he was then going to moor up at The Coy Carp overnight ready for his diesel delivery this morning. We will see Tom and the boats again at the Rickmansworth Festival.


Anonymous said...

We will look out for you at the festival, our boat will still be in Croxley but we will be walking down to look around the festivities and enjoy the music.

Keith Lodge said...

Hi Frances and Alan. We look forward to seeing you. Could you bring some sunshine with you, because the weather forecast is not great LOL.