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Sunday, May 03, 2009

Keith and Paddy claim the fame factor.

Sunday 3rd May.
It has been another manic day at the Little Venice Cavalcade. Unlike the hot day we had yesterday, today has been chilly and cloudy at times, but still the place was packed with people. Yesterday the bar ran out of beer and cider, so that is how good yesterday was LOL. We enjoyed another day of chatting to people and having our photographs taken. Yesterday evening Keith and Paddy had their photographs taken and it is now on the front page of the canal section of The Thames Guide. Paddy can never resist having his photograph taken. I think I was cooking dinner at the time.
We had an expected visit today from Maggie, Mark and family from NB Forever Young. We met Maggie and family at Shackerstone last year. Maggie if you are reading this, we hope you enjoyed your day and it was lovely to see you all again. Happy cruising this year. Today has been the boat handling competition, which has been fun to watch in the wind. Historic working narrowboats Nuneaton and Victoria took part, as did Fulbourne with Elaine sat proudly on the bow.Passing through we saw Historic narrowboat Tarpoley. Yesterday we met one of their volunteers Penny. Also passing through were the Historic working narrowboats Indus and Pictor now owned by Liz and Dan. It is fabulous to see so many working boats in one place. Tomorrow is the final day of the Cavalcade, so we are hoping the weather will be kind to us. If you have nothing to do tomorrow, why not come down to the Cavalcade, it is a fantastic event for anyone, whether you have a boat or not.


Jill and Graham said...

How does Marmite cope in that crush - does she just find a quiet safe place and sleep, 'cause Daisy is not good at sleeping?

Keith and Jo said...

Hi Jill and Graham. Both Marmite and Paddy tend to go to bed during the day. We did have them both out on the back of the boat Saturday evening, but Marmite did not stay out to long, I think all the noise made her feel uneasy. Whereas Paddy loves it, especially if it means he gets his photo taken or even better gets lots of attention. Jo

Anonymous said...

Hi Jo

Nice to see you yesterday. It was a good day but a little too busy for me - we didn't stay long and then walked back to Camden (which was even worse).

Have a good summer.

Maggie and Mark

Keith and Jo said...

Hi Maggie and Mark. It was wonderful to see you both again and your family. It has been a busy weekend, but now it is finally over. Have a nice summer out on the boat. Hope to see you soon. Jo

Penny Holloway said...

Hey guys! Thanks for the mention...That's my claim to fame! Lol
Regards Penny

Keith and Jo said...

Hey Penny. How wonderful to hear from you. We really enjoyed your visit. The bottle went in the bin hahahahaha. Were you on Chicwick for the Parade??? Jo