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Thursday, March 04, 2010

Down to earth with a bang

Yesterday we had a restless night, as Keith was not so good through the night. We were disturbed once more at around 7am, by a crash, bang wallop on the roof. My first thought was a duck. So when I climbed out of the boat to walk Paddy, I was not surprised to see a Mallard lying on the roof. We reckon she had probably landed heavily on the boat, to get away from a randy drake. On closer inspection, I noticed that she was in fact limping. Whether the injury was caused by landing on the roof heavily or she got this injury somewhere else we did not know. The decision was taken, to leave her be and just keep an eye on her. If she became distressed or her limp got worse, we were prepared to call either the RSPCA or the local wildlife rescue. She stayed put for most of the morning, but close to lunchtime, she walked to the edge of the roof and leapt off. Her limp did not look too bad, so hopefully she will be fine. I will keep an eye open for her over the next few days.

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