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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Mother's Day and Good Friends.

Hi folks.

Firstly Happy Mother's Day to Mum's everywhere.

We have not posted much of late because when your stationary, there is very little to write about. I am quite sure you would get quite bored with our daily routine of walking the dog and stoking the fires. Or should that be fire, as we have let the back stove out, because it was getting a little too warm at night.

Over this past few days, I have been busy with boat jobs, such as painting and cleaning, whilst Keith is still working on his Rag Rugs. He is building up a nice collection now.

Mo and Vanessa on NB Balmaha are on the towpath for the weekend. It is always wonderful to see them both. We tend to spend time putting the world to right in our conversations and of course we chat about boating as well. Yesterday I delivered them some coal, to keep them warm in the evenings, which are drawing out nicely. Mo and Nessa are leaving on Monday for a few weeks. But we will see them again in April and will have more things to chat about no doubt.
Today was a real treat, because we had a surprize visit from Merleen and Paul who used to have NB Lady Celine. It has been a good few months since we saw them last. If I remember correctly it was back last summer, when we were in the Saltisford Arm for a few days. We welcomed them both onboard and sat chatting over a cuppa. Catching up is always so much fun. They no longer miss the boat and are enjoying their new life in Warwick. We will catch up with them again, the next time we are down Warwick way.

Keith is still very much the same, his pain is up and down on a daily basis. There is no progress on his operation date, so I will be ringing the hospital tomorrow, to see if I cannot push things along a little.

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