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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Life goes on.

The going's on in our lives, can best be described as a little boring at the moment. But that is just how it is. I wish I could say we were moving on and setting the system a light with the sound of Hadar's engine. But unfortunately that is not the case, and will not be the case for a while whilst Keith is unwell. So we are having to make the best of our time here in Market Harborough. It has to be said that everyone here has been wonderful and has made us feel very welcome.
The weather for the past two days has been , what can only be described as glorious. We have had two very frosty mornings, which have turned into fantastic sunny days. Yesterday I cleaned the boat's brass and smothered a layer of Vaseline over it to stop it tarnishing so quickly. I also got the usual boat jobs done. Keith is still very busy making Rag Rugs. He is making another large one at the moment and it looks fantastic.

March usually see's people beginning to move out of their winter moorings and so yesterday Chris and Richard and Rio (dog) on NB Digitalis slipped their winter mooring, said their farewells and left for a summer of cruising. It was sad to see them go, because it has been nice to have had their company. They are such a lovely couple and a real laugh. No sooner had they left, Irene and Ian on NB Freespirit arrived on the towpath, they had come to get some shopping done, before they were moving off to pastures new. It was nice to catch up with them and hear the excellent news that Ian is free from treatment, so they can enjoy their cruising this year. Ann and Kev on NB Endeavour arrived later in the afternoon and are staying for a few days, so we will have a chance to catch up with them and their news.

Today I walked along the towpath with the mutt and said good morning to a kingfisher, squirrel, magpie and the swans. Along with the sunshine, seems to come good cheer from everyone I met. My jobs today have included painting the mushroom vents on the roof. I have done three of them to cut down on the amount of brass I have to clean. I washed the boat down and spent a good couple of hours chatting to people in the basin. At the moment I have a green curry cooking in the back stove for tonights dinner. We will have that with some rice. I have just delivered some coal to Sue and John on NB Nuthatch, they are moored further up the towpath. It was lovely to stand and have a chat to them. I think we managed to put the world to right in 15 minutes ha ha ha.

So although we are not moving far at the moment, we are both doing as well as can be expected. Life goes on and at the end of the day, we will soon be on the move once more.

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Ian and Irene Jameison said...

We also met up with Sue and John. After leaving you, Ian decided to moor just outside Harborough to take a picture of "The Ent". We had trouble getting into the side and John came out to help us. I decided that while we were moored I might as well do lunch. Well with Ian and John putting the world to rights it ended up more like tea!!!