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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Newbold to Rugby

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Yet another short journey this morning, 1.3miles brought us to Master’s Bridge No.58, and a towpath mooring between the bridge and Broughton Park, much handier for shopping at Tesco’s which we will do before we head off for the weekend.

Before lunch, we set off for Maplin’s with my shopping list as follows:-

We returned back to the boat with these plus the following:-

The invertor is for our TV in the boatman’s cabin, which up till now we have been running of the main invertor, but I have decided to fit a separate one specifically for this TV, it will save having to get out of bed to switch it on or off!

The resistors are so that I can convert our Christmas LED lights to operate directly of the boat 12V supply, rather than batteries.

The cable is for wiring up the invertor.

Whilst we were in the shop Jo spotted the solar powered LED’s, which she has been looking out for, and at half price at £9.99 a set we bought two sets.


Then I spotted the radio, and although I had been waiting for the New Year sales to get a new one, I thought that at £20 off and now £49.99 I wasn’t going to do much better in the sales. Our old radio’s display failed a couple of months ago, and although it still worked it was difficult to tune into radio stations without a display. I have already installed the radio and one set of the LED’s, which now need to charge up. I will install the invertor and wire it in at some point in time, possibly tomorrow.

As we were about to have lunch Del & Al off of Derwent6 appeared and we had a quick chat and arranged to meet up tomorrow for a more comprehensive natter.



Steadfast Ahoy! said...

I almost always come home with more than I went for. How does that happen anyway?

Keith (Boatman) said...

Hello Rosemary, it is a rare occurrence for us I must say, when we go shopping we usually have in our minds what we are after, hence my initial shopping list, but bargains are bargains at the end of the day.