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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Onley to Braunston

Map picture

Braunston Redshaws

Having spent 3 days moored at Onley, and the thin ice had gone, we set off for Braunston this morning. We continued through to the water point and elsan disposal between the A45 bridge and the stop house to empty out and top up. We also filled our 2 water carriers so we have plenty of water on-board whatever the weather brings. We winded at the marina entrance and returned to a mooring opposite Tony Redshaw’s which will do us nicely for Christmas, these moorings being 14days during the winter, which will suit us just nicely.

No doubt we will find lots to do whilst here, including catching the bus into Daventry.



Perry said...

Hello Keith & Jo,

Thank you for allowing us to share your voyaging I have been catching up, using the enlarged UK Canals Route that you linked with and it is intriguing to note the changes between the Bing map and Google. Onley prison on Bing is shown under construction whilst on Google it's completed.

You may see warmer weather soon as the prevailing Northerlies will back Westerly tonight. Merry Xmas to you both.

All the best,


Keith (Boatman) said...

Merry Xmas Perry, and welcome aboard. Yes there are many differences between all the online map people, which can be very confusing. Some display views which are not just out of date, but by several years! My preferred map service is as it displays maps and satellite side-by-side, you can measure routes using it, and it gives full OS references, 1940's maps, plus much more besides.