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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Braunston Top Lock, to Rugby.

11.18 miles, 9 locks, 6 hrs.

Map picture

Rugby (3)

Having left our fridge/freezer to be repaired, and borrowed a temporary fridge we set off this morning to resume our journey to Whaley Bridge. We stopped briefly at the stop house and whilst Jo filled the water tank and dumped rubbish, I popped round to Tradline and pick up a pair of tipcats. Then we got as far as Midland Chandlers and whilst Jo emptied the 2 toilet cassettes, I popped in and bought some cable and bits to temporarily wire up the temporary fridge, as it is too wide to fit in the fridge/freezer space, it is having to sit in the saloon, and I have temporarily extended the power cables so they now reach. Everything is very temporary at the moment.


The crooked cottage which isn’t crooked any more since it has been straightened, should be renamed the not-crooked cottage!


Braunston church, and playful lambs in the foreground.


The now fully repaired bridge No. 80, looking very smart.


Rugby radio station near Hillmorton locks.

Having arrived at Rugby I wired up the temporary fridge whilst Jo went to get a sack of dog food, and then we did a food shop at Tescos, and filled the temporary fridge.

Did I mention this is a temporary arrangement?

It is so nice to be back on 3G for our internet, and full channels on our TV. Looking forward to our Indian meal f0r 2 which we treated ourselves to from Tescos.


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