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Wednesday, April 24, 2013


This morning Jo and I took a walk into Macclesfield, this being the first time we have had an opportunity to actually visit the town.


Just down the steps from the canal is the Old King’s Head pub.


The aqueduct.


The war memorial which on the 6 posts have a lot of names of soldiers form the town killed in the first world war. Many of them it would appear from the same families, at least going by the surnames.


We had a coffee in the Cheshire Gap whilst we waited for my watch to be fitted with a new battery in a jewellers just up the road.


We came across our first gold pillar-box, it is a shame it doesn’t say which athlete at the London 2012 Olympics it was painted gold for. Apparently it is for Sarah Storey, a paralympian cyclist.


We had lunch at The Society Rooms, a Wetherspoons establishment. Opposite the Society Rooms is Marshall Spearing Butchers whose pies are reputed to be excellent, will have to try one one day. Jo managed to pick up a pair of brand new unused Campri Boots in a charity shop for £7.99, bargain!


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