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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Hall Green to Gurnett Aqueduct, Macclesfield.

13.46 miles, 12 locks, 7hrs 15mins.

Map picture

Gurnett Aqueduct

A pleasant if cool start to the day, at least no rain.


Passing through Congleton.


Aqueduct at Congleton.


Approaching Bosley Cloud.


Congleton railway viaduct.


Bosley Cloud in the clouds, as seen from Bosley locks.


An artistic view of Bosley Cloud. at the top of Bosley locks we came across Brian & Anne-Marie on nb Alton, we hope to meet up with them for a pint whilst we are up this way.


Royal Oak swingbridge. We had trouble at Broadhurst swingbridge, we could get the lifting bar to come up. I managed to get it up with our big crowbar. Then Jo couldn’t get the bridge to open, so I nudged it with the bow, then it wouldn’t swing shut again to release our key, so I had to reverse back and give Jo a hand. I feel a fault report to C&RT come on. Having cleared all the major obstacles which could have delayed us, I spoke to Kuranda as soon as we were moored up, and we have arranged to see them next Tuesday, so we have time to spare before arriving at Bugsworth basins. We may even pop into Macclesfield tomorrow if there is a bus from here.


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