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Monday, February 27, 2006

Week Eight

It was another fantastic week in the building of Hadar. I have now numbered the two Steve's LOL. Far better than saying old Steve and young Steve hahaha, if I did that they may down tools and stop work lol, you know what men are like (whoops sorry guy's)

Monday 20th February 2006.
Steve 1 completed putting the baffles in cooling tank, the baffles in the coolong tanks are cut at two different lengths, so the water has to pass around them, allowing the water to cool in the process, he then welded the face of it on with pipe fittings, top and bottom.Steve 2 spent most of the time welding the hull on the inside.

Tuesday 21st February.
We had discussions with Roger about canvas and the position of the steel strips, that will butt upto the cabin sides.After the discussions Steve 2 began tacking steel strips along the gunwale, these strips have been pre-drilled, for taking the canvas which goes upwards from the gunwales, and will be held inplace with timber screwed to the steel work.Steve 1 set to and did the second cooling tank with baffles and outlets.

Wednesday 22nd February.
The steel strips were welded to the gunwales and ground back.The final 2 cross members were welded into place in the boatsman cabin floor.The two cooling tanks were then pressurised and tested for leaks, and both passed.Discussions were had about the cabin tops and planking.The first of the bulkheads went on at the stern,and was tacked into place. The boatsman cabin rear wall with door hole, will have planking grooved into it at a later stage to make it look like wooden planks, which was used when the small northwich was originally built.

Thursday 23rd February.
Steve 1 made up and fitted the rudder post and rudder.He also made up and bent the cross members for the roof.There was lots of grinding back for Steve 2.

Friday 24th February.
Steve 2 added the fourth and final rubbing strake was tacked on along the bottom of the hull.Steve 1 was working on the rudder post and skeg.They all set about lifting and putting into position the first of the cabin sides for the bathroom and galley, that was then tacked into place, and side number 2 was put into place.Finally they bent the roof into shape and tacked the crossed members onto the roofing steel.It's all set for another exciting week to come.

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