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Monday, February 06, 2006

Week Five

Monday 30th January 2006.
After watching an exciting week last week, we knew this coming week was going to be more about the welding of the hull structure, and therefore there would be very little to see as far as progress was concerned, but we need not have worried we still had planty to photograph, and admire as the two Steve's and Roger got to work on the rubbing strakes at the bow. So today they spent time welding on more of the gunwales towards the stern, and strenghtening bars have been welded in place in the bow. They maybe unseen but they are an important part of boat building, the unsung heroes I guess.

Tuesday 31st January.
Today the strenghtening bars went into the stern, all lined up like matchsticks. But they are there for a reason and although we will probably never see them again once the boat is built, it is important for them to be added. We had discussion with Roger about the gas locker and the position of our water tank, and after a few ideas being tossed into the conversation we have decided to have it under the false cratch in the bow of the boat. There will be pictures when that part is put in place. It will be easier to see, than for me to try and explain LOL.

Wednesday 1st February.
Well a new month and work continues with the gunwales at the stern being fished and cut to shape. But for us the exciting part to this week was watching the first of the rubbing stakes being bent into place. No this is not done by machine, it is done with cold steel and muscle, not to mention a good eye for getting the shape correct. Both the Steve's spent time making sure the shape looked correct as they bent the steel and tacked it into place with a weld.

Thursday 2nd February.
Both the top rubbing strakes have been tacked on at the bow, making sure they shape matches both sides, and the second rubbing stakes are being worked on. This is not a process that can be hurried otherwise it could all look wrong, but it was incredible to watch how it was done, with string lines to get the shape and then drawn on in chalk, until the steel was finally put in place.

Friday 3rd February.
The first and second rubbing strakes were welded properly into place and the third was being added. Now looking at the bow you can really see her shape, and it looks amazing. Hadar is truely coming alive. So we look forward to this coming week to see what else is new in her build. So please pop in and have a look.

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Andrew Denny said...

Hmm, having advanced into February, I notice the post dates have now mysteriously slipped back to January! :-)