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Monday, February 13, 2006

Week Six

Monday 6th February 2006.
The beginning of week 6, and a warmer start to the week, even though it was dull. There was nothing done to Hadar during the morning, as Steve was working on Typhoon, blacking her bottom ( I bet she loved that LOL). But during the afternoon, he tacked the remainder of the top rubbing strake along both sides of the hull, heading towards the stern

Tuesday 7th February.
All of the top rubbing strake was welded into place right the way around Hadar's hull.

Wednesday 8th February.
The two Steve's then set about adding the other three rubbing strakes to the stern of the boat, firstly bending then tacking them into place, they then using the cutting torch cut off the excess 15mm steel off the base plate, giving Hadar's Stern her shape, and very fine it looks too.

Thursday 9th February.
The 3 remaining stern rubbing strakes are all welded in to position and ground down to make them nice and smooth. A connection pipe has been welded into place to connect the two fuel tanks, and a leakage test has been done. (So fingers were crossed).

Friday 10th February.
With no leakage found on the fuel tanks, tops were tacked into place, and a pressure test valve fitted. Any of the remaining stern welding was done and all ground back to give the stern it's final shape.

Although we thought this may have been a quiet week, due to all the final welding which needed to be done, we have actually seen a huge change in Hadar's Stern, as you will see from the photograph's in her album, so here's to another fun packed week. I will see you same place, same time next week, all being well.


Mo said...

Looks smashing, well done those welders.

You did well to keep all the workshop clutter away from her to take those pictures.

Lovely to see each step of the build, makes us feel we are there.


ChrisWoznitza said...

Hi I´m Chriswab. Greatings from Germany,Bottrop !!