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Monday, February 20, 2006

Week Seven

Monday 13th February 2006.
The begining of another week, this being week 7 we were expecting to be just watching all the joints, being welded, but as you will notice from the photographs, other things took place as well.For a starter they completely welded the fuel tank tops on, they were then both pressurised to see if they leaked externally. The internal test had already been carried out. The external tests were done and no leaks found.The excess base plate on the bow was partly cut away, giving the base of the hull it's final shape, and very nice it looked.

Tuesday 14th February.
The rest of the hull was completely welded and the remaining base plate at the bow was cut away. Even just the small things, makes a big difference to the final shape.

Wednesday 15th February.
It was purely just lot's of welding and grinding back today make sure all the surfaces, had a finished smooth appearance.

Thursday 16th February.
Yet more welding and grinding, sounds boring, but if its not done, the final effect will not look so great, not to mention the fact that hadar will sink LOL.

Friday 17th February.
Today the two Steve's set about straightening the hull out, making sure all the lines of the body work were straight, which ment alterations in the gunwales, and yes yet more welding. Hadar would look pretty silly if her hull was like a banana, so it is important. Again there was alot of welding going on throughout the hull, but vital even though it will all be unseen.Finally for the week, the metal work has started to go in for the cooling tanks. All in all another good week.

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