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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Week Thirty-Four.

It has been an extremely busy week in the paint shed for Hadar, and a very exciting week for us as we watched her get her signwriting. It is wonderful to see Hadar actually written on her, she now has her identity. Seeing the signwriting done, makes you appreciate that is is not as easy as it looks. Tina has really done a wonderful job.

Port Side Signwriting.

Just to show that both sides are receiving the same treatment. The bow names were masked off ready for the shadowing.

Bow Name Prepared for Shading.

Port Side Shading Partly Completed.

The start of the shading to all the signwriting at the stern began.

Starboard Bow Name has Received it's Shading.

The start of the shading to all the signwriting has begun with the bow name.

The Completed Grand Union Canal Carrying Co. Signwriting.
The Grand Union Canal Carrying Co. Signwriting was completed except for the shadowing. The lower picture shows it after the masking tape had been removed.
The Masking Tape is Removed.

Engine Room Doors Blue.

The engine room doors received a coat of blue on the inside. The final coat will be the last of the major cabinside paintwork, leaving just the signwriting to be completed. Talking about signwriting this is progressed really well.
Starboard Side Shading at the Stern started.

Starboard Side Shading Partly Completed.

The shading of the signwriting was completed on the starboard side.
Completed Shading of Signwriting on Starboard Side.

The port side is progressing. Note how Tina starts from the right and signwrites to the left, this is because like Keith she is left-handed.
Port Side Shading.

Roger and welder Steve fitted battery boxes below the boatman's cabin floor. You can also see some of the red moulding has been fitted around the various edges of the woodwork in the cabin.
Battery Boxes Fitted.

More of the red moulding can be seen below, along with the raised floor in the engine room which covers the propshaft. This would normally be level with the boatman's cabin floor, but because the flywheel is so large and the engine thus sits very high, it has had to be raised to clear the propshaft.
Engine Room Floor.

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