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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Week Thirty-One

Propshafts towards the Engine.

Roger has now fitted the 2 propshafts to the engine, gearbox and stern tube. As now can be seen having the gearbox mounted under the boatman's cabin floor we have 2 short propshafts rather than the normal single long one. This should reduce any potential for windup, or whip in the propshaft. Windup is where one end of the shaft rotates more than the other, as the shaft twists, and whip is where centrifugal force can cause a long shaft to rotate off-centre near it's mid point. By having 2 short shafts these 2 effects are dramatically reduced.
Propshafts towards the Stern Tube.

The painting has been progressing with the tiller having received it's red and blue bands, with just the white central band to go. The edges of the cabin side doors and engine 'ole doors are almost finished. Tina has now undercoated the inside of the engine room doors. These doors will be painted to match the outside paintwork, so that when the doors are open, the colour scheme is continued. All will become apparent when the doors are finished.

Engine 'Ole Doors.

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