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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Week Thirty-Two

Good Morning.
How has your week been?
Our's as you can see has been another week of high activity on the painting front.

Blue Painted Counter.

Roger has now finished the engine room fitout except for the electrics. Tina has been busy painting the counter with it's first coat of blue, and the cabin rear and doors have had the first coat of blue around the edge. She has also been finishing off around the edges of the galley side doors, and has now finished the engine room hatches.
Cabin Rear Receives a Coat of Blue.

She has also made a start on the inside of the engine room doors. They are painted to match the outside scheme so that when the doors are open the colour scheme is continous. This was a fairly common practice with the working boats. She has masked off the white coachline and has painted the first coat of undercoat.

Engine Room Doors Receive the White Coachlines.

Having been fortunate enough to watch the painting in progress, we realise just how much is involved with hand painting a boat. It is a real work of art and is not to be rushed.

Completed Engine Room Hatches.

These are the now completed engine room hatches. Tina has now painted the gunwales alongside the cabinsides red oxide. The remaining gunwales alongside the hold will be blacked along with the hull. The white coachlines on the inside of the engine room doors have now had their first gloss coat this morning.

Gunwales Alongside the Cabinsides.


grunders said...

I love the fake wood effect on the counter - it looks very realistic.

Jo said...

Hi Grunders.
Thank you for your comment, yes it does look affective. We are so very pleased with all the work being done on Hadar, and cannot wait to try her out.