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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Week Thirty-Three.

Week Thirty-Three got off to a flying start, with Tina being very busy in the hold.
Red Oxide on the Hold Bulkhead.

Engine Room Doors Coachline Masked Off.

She also painted the lower section of the hold bulkhead red-oxide to match the inside of the hold.

Black Registration Bar on Cabinside.

Tina painted the black registration bar on the cabinside. This was now ready to receive the signwriting for the BW registration number. She also masked off the coachline on the engine room doors ready to apply the red and blue panels.

Completed Cabin Stern.

The Registration Number in Chalk.

Then some tape is put above and below the writing and then it is a case of painting the letters/numbers in place.
The First Few Letters and Numbers.

Hadars Name on the Bow in Chalk.

Tina started the signwriting today. First she creates the leters/numbers on tracing paper and then covers the other side with chalk powder. This is then held in place and the letters/numbers traced around the outline, leaving the chalk on the boat to create a rough guideline.
The Registration Number and Gauging Number again

Hadars Name on the Bow.

The signwriting is progressing well. Hadar's name is taking shape on the bow. The Reg No is complete along with the gauging number, this is actually her BWB index number. Every narrowboat was given a gauging number so that cargoes could be charged according to their depth as measured with a gauge, hence gauging. The gauging of a narrowboat consisted of measurings its depth below the water level, to ascertain how much cargo was being carried. This gauged depth was then compared against records for the boat using it's gauging number to ascertain how much cargo in weight was being carried and thus how much toll could be charged.

Start of Hadar and Fleet No.
The Registration & Gauging No.s

Hadars Name and Fleet No. Chalked on.

The signwriting progressed really well. Tina chalked Hadar on the cabinside and the fleet number below. She then went onto paint Hadars name and Fleet No. She removed the tape from the Reg & gauging No.s.
Engine Room Doors.
She also painted the red section of the inside of the engine room doors.

Chalked on Grand Union Canal Carrying Co. Details.

Stencils for the Grand Union Canal Carrying Co. Details.

More signwriting progressed. Tina attached the stencils for the details of the GUCCCo. Then having traced all the lettering and removed the tracing paper she can tell whether everything is all lined up before starting the painting.


Del & Al said...

Hi Jo

Love the colours of Hadar and may use the format using the panels on Derwent6
It all looks like its coming together nicely, and it won't be long before you can show her off on the cut.
Love following your progress...

Jo said...

Hiya del & al.
The colours are the Grand Union Canal Carrying Company Colours, and I agree they do look good. But then I am biast hahahaha. The shading is going on now so more photos at the end of the week.
Hope all is well with you both?