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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Bloggers meeting.

In this age of networking and blogging, we all get to keep in touch with what other boaters are up to and where they are cruising to and from. What is exciting is when you get the chance to actually meet up in person with a fellow boating blogger. Today was such a day for Keith and I.

I received an e-mail from Sue on NB No Problem. Both Vic and Sue were moored up below Star Lock in Stone, so we agreed to meet up. Sue very kindly came and found us at the boatyard, as I am not walking to far at the moment after putting my back out on Thursday. Meeting up with Sue and the collie's Lucy and Meg was like meeting a dear long time friend, she is a truly lovely lady (no blushing now Sue). I could sit and natter to her for ages without any problem at all. I felt it was as if we had known each other for many years.

We sat and had a natter over a cup of coffee as you do when you meet up with other boaters, before Sue headed off back to No Problem. We sincerely hope that we will meet up with them again very soon, so we can sit down and have another good old chinwag.
Happy cruising Sue and Vic, see you very soon I hope.

1 comment:

Mo said...

You ain't wrong there, Sue and Vic are a super couple, we also found we had a lot in common with them. Long may they cruise.
Glad to see you're about ready to leave the nest, that pump's solid is it?
We'll keep an eye out for you.
Mo and Vanessa