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Sunday, January 27, 2008

It's time for us to set off.

The time has finally come for us to leave Roger Fuller's Boat Yard and head off on our adventures with Hadar. We took on 3ton of coal from Harrisons Coal Merchants, as you can see it was a joint effort loading the coal from the lorry into Rogers railway wagons.

Roger then drove the first lot of coal around to Hadar, and he and keith off loaded it by the hold, before coming back for more.

Keith then took the last load round with Steve (welder) and I on the wagons for good measure.

We then had the hard task of loading all 120 bags into the hold, making sure to keep the load as even as possible and as far back to make sure the bow did not dip to far into the water.
It was a success thanks to the help of Roger and Steve, thanks guys.
So Keith and I are off this coming Thursday to begin the dream that keith has had for almost 40 years. That dream has been made possible by Roger and those that work at the yard, the two Steve's and Tina the boat painter. On Friday we opened a bottle of champagne to toast the finishing of our boat and to wish everyone at the yard well for the coming year. We will always think of Roger and the gang with fondness as they have been wonderful throughout the whole build of our boat. We wll be coming back to see everyone, so they cannot get rid of us that easily hahaha.
With Yard Lock closed until the 11th February our plan is to go up on to the Macc for a short while until we can get down South on to the Oxford, so if you see us out and about please say hello or give us a wave, better still if we are moored up come and share a brew with us.
We will be keeping hadar's diary going, but a lot will depend on connection, so please continue to pop in from time to time to see how we are getting on.
See you on the cut somewhere.


dieselsondemand said...


Great stuff seeing the coal being loaded 'properly'. I hope tomorrow goes well as you prepare for your adventures.

Call by Loughborough some day and I will be glad to buyy a few bags of coal off you for the open fire.




Del & Al said...

Good luck you two (and marmite of course)

Hope to meet you some day

Del & Al
nb Derwent6

Perfectly-Random said...

Great post. The pictures are very nice.

Keep it up.