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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Hadar’s Test Run........ The Aftermath.

As yesterday we were busy showing some prospective customers for Roger around Hadar, today was the 1st opportunity Keith had to set about retorqueing the head as planned and to correct any problems we had experienced whilst away. Once he had retorqued the head he fitted a new thermostat to the engine, as the one that had been fitted by the engine restorers was too low a temperature setting at 60C! Keith ran the engine to warm it up to do an oil change, the new thermostat works well, and now the temperature gauge that he fitted also works properly. Keith then drained the oil out and put some new in. During our test run we had noticed that the domestic alternator was not charging the domestic batteries. Keith checked various things and eventually traced the cabling and discovered that they had accidentally wired this alternator to the start battery, no wonder the domestic batteries were not charging, mind you the starter battery was well charged! A quick change of the wire connection and everything is now charging correctly.

Upon Rogers return with the tug which had been used for some canal maintenance Roger made the wood plate we need to cover the coal skuttle to stop Marmite from using it as a litter tray!

Keith managed to loosen up the slide hatch, and this now just needs a small block to stop it riding too far forward when closing it. All that now remains is to find the leak we have in the generator cooling pipework tomorrow and everything is not only completed but functioning correctly. All we need now is the extra 3 tons of coal we have ordered to arrive tomorrow or Friday, and then we will be ready to set off on our adventures as soon as Yard Lock is repaired and we can head South on our big adventure. We will be sad to say goodbye to those people who have become good friends at the boatyard, but we will be back in October for the Stone Food and Drinks Festival, so they cannot get rid of that easily hahaha. We hope that you will continue to follow our adventures around the canal system.

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