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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Hadar’s Test Run.

Day One.
Wednesday 16th January.

Well today we managed to get the last few jobs completed on Hadar and we set off at 3:00pm heading north.

Part way up the Meaford Flight we met another boat 'Morning Mist' coming down, and as Keith was sitting on the lock gates waiting to go up, he had to reverse back to let them out of the lock,

Hadar reversed perfectly. Once we cleared the last lock, we headed for the Wedgewood Factory at Barlaston for an overnight mooring. This section was a great chance to see how she handled through bends, and along the straight bits. She behaved just like we hoped, she followed the channel, and basically steered her own course, which is just how it should be. She needed very little steerage to go round bends. Full marks to Roger, he has built a great boat. She handles just like a small Northwich should.

We made it to the moorings at the Wedgewood factory, just as the light and weather was failing, and moored up for our first real night away from the Boatyard.

Hadar’s Test Run, Day 2.
Thursday, January 17.
We started the day with a cooked breakfast, sort of a treat for finally getting away. Keith loves cooking a cooked breakfast, Poached eggs on toast, with grilled bacon, grilled mushrooms and grilled tomato. We would have had sausages, but I forgot to take them out of the freezer last night, oops.

We set off on what was to be a short run through Trentham Lock. Above the lock we sold 4 bags of coal to a narrowboat 'Antler' who was coming down, unexpected but welcome all the same. Then onto Trentham, where our friends have a canalside property with a mooring long enough for Hadar to fit. We chatted for quite a while over coffee before having a late lunch. We stayed on their mooring for the night.

Hadar’s Test Run, Day 3.
Friday 18th, January.

The weather had not improved much, it was still raining, but at least it was not hammering it down, as it had over night. Well we had intended on leaving our friends mooring and winding at the winding point not far from their property. It needs dredging, so we carried on to the next one. Well one look and no way were going to wind there, so we pressed on up through the Stoke Flight and stopped at Westport lake for lunch.

After lunch we continued on up to Harecastle Tunnel where we winded, and moored up for the night. It had been getting quite blowy so we were glad to be moored up in the shelter of the cutting on the south side of the tunnel.

Hadar’s Test Run, Day 4.
Saturday 19th, January.
Well an earlyish start from Harecastle Tunnel, and we arrived at the Wedgewood Factory for lunch. We surveyed the weather and decided to carry on back to Stone, whilst it was not too bad, not knowing what the weather would be like tomorrow. We are moored up on the towpath awaiting to go back into the Basin for Monday. Good thing we did continue on, looking at the weather forecast at 6:00pm on th TV for tomorrow. Both Keith and I enjoyed our few days out on Hadar, we cannot wait now to get moving on our continuous cruising and the adventures it will bring.

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