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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Bridge 14 to Foxton

We travelled to Black Horse Bridge this morning to await our Tesco delivery. It was due to arrive between 11.00am and 1.00pm. It arrived at precisely 11.00am. Once it was all packed away we moved Hadar 600yards nearer to Foxton locks, to the moorings just before the swing footbridge. Having had lunch Keith unpacked the parcels we picked up yesterday from Union Wharf to check that all the items ordered were there. We couldn't believe one large box which contained 3 tins of paint and loads of bubble wrap. The box was big enough to get at least 20 tins in it! Despite all the packaging 2 tins were dented. The bubble wrap will come in useful though for wrapping breakable items we sell. The hour meter is now clicking away as it has to reach 500 hours before Keith installs it, should only take 21 days! This hour meter will work in parallel with the one on the generator, but will be mounted in the control box with the engine hour meter and voltmeters so it will be easier to read than the one on the generator without having the remove all the soundproofing, and can be read at the same time as the engine one.

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