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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Coal Delivery Filming, then on to Bridge 5.

Upon our arrival at Union Wharf yesterday ready for our coal delivery this morning, David and Viv on "First Fruits" told us they were expecting a film crew to come and film onboard their boat, interviewing a local canal man, who was at the inaugaral IWA festival at Market Harborough in 1950. This all sounded very exciting, and we both looked foraward to seeing this happen whilst we were there. As we were loading the 3 tonnes of coal this morning, the film crew turned up, and whilst they were waiting for the interviewee to arrive they started filming us loading the coal.

Jo was telling them all about her coal business and the boat, in between the coal being barrowed from the truck to the boat. They even caught me loading some coal for once!

After doing the interview they had come for they asked if they could film from onboard Hadar as we left the basin, which we did.

The filming is for a program to be shown on BBC some time next year, they will let us know when it is to be screened and we will let you know. Of course no doubt the film about us will probably end up on the cutting room floor, but it was a bit of fun and excitement. Having safely dropped the camera and sound man off a little way along the canal we continued on to Bridge 5, where we met up with Richard and Chris off of "Digitalis", and had a coffee and cake with them whilst chatting about our summer adventures. They have invited us onboard for dinner, which we are now looking forward to very much.


Bets said...

A bit of excitement for you!! Please let us know when the programme will be aired. I follow your blog and would love to see the programme. Bet you DON'T end up being cut out!

Karen Whittal said...

What an amazing life you live, although I am sure it is not all fun and games, sounds like a peaceful life

Unknown said...

Give Richard and Chris our regards.

Anonymous said...

ooh, fame! I hope they were suitably impressed by Hadar. I'll make sure I get to see the programme when it comes out, even if it means pressing my nose against a TV shop window!
Can you bear to be back at Market Harborough, you two?!!!

Keith Lodge said...

Bets:- yes we will let everyone know when it is due to be aired.

Karen:- Sometimes it is peacefully, but it does have some non-peaceful moments.

Jill&Graham:- we left them this morning, but will pass on your message when next we see them.

Carrie:- well they couldn't believe their eyes when they arrived and saw us loading coal. I am sure we can live with visiting Harborough, although we will only be here once every fortnight, not like last year!