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Monday, October 18, 2010

Gallows Hill, to Union Wharf then Bridge 14

Jo received a phone call to say we had some large parcels for us waiting at Union Wharf, so we upped stakes and returned there to pick them up, winded and returned to Bridge 14. The parcels were all the spares Keith ordered. Such things as fuel and oil filters, water pumps, impellors, etc. We now have a good stock which should last us a few years and save us money in the long run. The spare pumps are just in case one should break down and we are not near a Chandlery, especially during the winter whilst on our coal run, as we are lacking in Chandleries on our patch. A new hour meter for the generator which will replace the temperature gauge in the control panel once I move the gauge to the pigeon box. As we have had problems with the cheap circulation pumps for the back boiler I have decided to replace them with an expensive one. The tins of Lauderdale Blue paint are so we can start changing the paler blue we incorrectly chose for Hadar's colour scheme. Lauderdale Blue is what we should have used, so don't be surprised to see Hadar running with a mixture of the 2 blues until we complete the whole changeover. Keith is starting with the new water cans which will be in the new blue livery.

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