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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Foxton to Bridge 14 then onto Market Harborough

Yesterday we moved down through Foxton locks on a beautiful autumnal morning, with very clear views out across the valley below the locks. We stopped at bridge 14 and walked into Market Harborough to get a replacement shower and a new shaver for Keith, the shower themostatic valve had packed up and Keith's shaver had broken. It was just as cheap to buy a complete new shower from Plumb Center rather than just the valve, and they had the complete showers in stock, but we would have to order and wait for just the valve. A quick visit to Argos secured a new shaver at half price, the sort of deal Keith likes just at the right time too. Keith soon fitted the new shower and we both enjoyed our showers that evening.

This morning we were up earlyish emptying out the bilge under the engine, whist the hold was light on coal and the bow was higher out of the water, making it easier to mop out. Once completed we set off for Union Wharf to moor up in the basin ready for our delivery of 3 tonnes of coal, some more kindling and firelighters tomorrow morning. We have already had 3 customers for coal since arriving at the basin this morning.

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