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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

More Boats arrive

Slowly more things are arriving at the festival site, some more trucks for the funfair are now here.


More boats have arrived, especially the historic boats that had been at Alvecote for the Bank Holiday weekend.



We had decided to have lunch at the Rising Sun, before it gets too busy with festival goers. We got there 10 minutes too early and as it was raining we sat patiently in the dry under the gazebo waiting for the pub to open.



We are back at the boat and now waiting for our Tesco Delivery to arrive later this afternoon.



Halfie said...

Hello Jo and Keith - we saw Hadar as we passed this morning on our way to the head of navigation. Now we're tied up near Bridge 53, and I'm just about to wander down to look at the boats. I'll say "hello" if you're in.

Jo (Boatwoman) said...

Hi Halfie. Dang I did not realise but I think we saw you. Were you in green waterproofs and a hat walking along the towpath. Keith and I were standing on the bridge waiting for our Tesco delivery. I did not realise until I read your message.
Sorry we did not get to say "hello" xx

Halfie said...

So that was you in your matching purple rainwear (if I remember correctly)! Oh well. There'll be another opportunity another time. Have fun at the festival. We're at Hillmorton Locks now - back to Wigram's Turn tomorrow.