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Monday, June 17, 2013

Welford to Br.21 near Yelvertoft.

9.2 miles, 1 lock, 4hrs 5mins.

Map picture

Yelvertoft Br21

We finally escaped from Welford today, having taken on a coal delivery last Monday, and awaited to have some work carried on on the boat which was done yesterday. We had some low level vents holes cut into  the doors into the hold from the saloon,  and some new batter trays constructed and fitted.


We had to sit in the wet dock at Welford to have this work done by Les.


These are the 4 new battery trays being fitted, 2 of which hold 2 batteries each, and 2 single trays. These have lifted the batteries off of the base plate, and clear of any water which can accumulate in the bilges and provide a good air gap under the batteries. It has also allowed us to fit some retaining straps, to keep the batteries firmly held in the new trays.

We moved out to Welford junction where we moored up and had lunch and had intended to stay for a couple of days.

Welford Junction (4)

However we have had some concern about the  amount of water accumulating in the bilges below the stern tube, and whilst moored here we have discovered that we have a leak from the stern tube area, and decided to return to Welford to have Les have a look at it for us. However having unsuccessfully attempted to wind at 2 winding holes and noticing that the engine water temperature was rising we moored up near Bridge No.21 near Yelvertoft to check the prop and water pump. Jo went down the weed hatch for the first time, to see if she could, and found some twigs around the shaft. Once she had finished down the weed hatch we moved Mog and Dog into the boatman’s cabin so I could check the engine water pump, which needed the impellor replacing, which I did. We will return to Welford tomorrow to get this leak looked into.


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