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Friday, June 21, 2013

Welford to Foxton Top Lock.

8.37 miles, 1 lock, 3hrs 10mins.

Map picture

Foxton Top Lock (2)

Having spent nearly 2 weeks in Welford having work done to the boat, and very poor internet connection, I can a last catch up.


We had new battery trays fitted to lift the batteries clear of the boats’ baseplate, so they no longer stand in water, grease and anything else floating around in the bilges. We also had some air vents cut into the doors into the hold from the saloon for low level ventilation, which we needed to have done to get our next BSS test done as a working boat. We also had a new bracket made for our Klaxon, which once it has been painted will be attached to the slide to replace the temporary one I made from a piece of wood.


We did attempt to leave Welford on Monday, but had to return Tuesday as we discovered we had a leaking stern tube, which was successfully fixed yesterday.


We had to squeeze past this downed tree between North Kilworth Wharf and Husbands Bosworth tunnel this morning.


This tree put a lovely scratch down the whole length of the cabin-side Sad smile


We are not impressed.


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