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Sunday, March 23, 2014


I have recently been getting together some Bayko bits and pieces from off of eBay. Bayko is a building system first produced in 1934. Our family had some during my childhood, which although I don’t remember, my sisters say we had some, but I do remember regularly visiting some friends of our parents whose children had some also.

I thought it would make a good attractor of customers to our boat when we are trading. It is a very simple building system using rods inserted into bases and then brick blocks, door, windows, etc. slotted in between the rods.


This is an example of how it goes together, showing the green base with the holes in it for the rods, the rods inserted and brick blocks, doors and windows fitted in between. The metal strip on top is to hold the rods together at the top, and to keep them in line. I somehow think that it wouldn’t be sold for children these days due to “health & safety” and the concerns about the rods used.


This was my first example of what can be built, a small bungalow.


From the original 2 sets I purchased on eBay, I have added to them with special parts which were not available in the sets, for example the fencing and gates.


This is my latest creation which I built yesterday. It is using the large roof and gable roofs which I recently purchased. I have a book of plans which came with one of the sets, but I prefer to experiment with my own designs. I had also thought that I would use it with my narrow gauge “OO” scale model railway which I want to build in our garden, but it is actually “O” gauge scale!



Elly and Mick said...

Keith, what a fantastic thing to collect. I've never heard of it but perhaps they never had them in Oz or perhaps it's just before my time. We're keen antique shop browers so I would think we'd have seen them somewhere if they'd been available.
Interesting post. Hope you're feeling better.
Elly on nb Parisien Star

Keith Lodge said...

I haven't seen it in antique or even charity shops so far. I think it is not the sort of thing to appear in such establishments. I have seen it in auctions though.

Sue/ Boatwif /nb Cleddau said...

I recognise this all too well - my older sister and I had sets like you have shown, probably bought for us in the 1950s. There was a Bayko top up then for my younger two sisters (1960s) and I am sure the windows were yellow (with little plastic window panes that you could insert inside the window frames). I have a feeling the newer base plates may have been grey. We all loved playing with this toy.
Sue /Boatwif /nb Cleddau

Keith Lodge said...

Hello Sue, Bayko was first produced and sold by a company called Plimpton Engineering Co., from 1934.
The company was purchased by Meccano in 1960, and it is from this purchase and the change from using Bakelite to polystyrene, that the colours of various items was changed. Also various items changed character. Production of all Bayko finished in 1967. See for further history at the bottom of the page.