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Monday, March 31, 2014

More Work on the Garden.

This morning Jo and I walked into town to buy 2 large pots for our Clematis plants, and ended up buying them and some rose bushes, another Clematis, and some chilli & pepper seeds. This is the first time I have walked to and from the town without stopping for a coffee and sit down.


Jo planted the Clematises in the new pots, this one has 2 plants in it.SAM_0157

Then Jo planted the roses in the garden.



I collected more pebbles and stones for our rockery, which is now looking good.


These are gooseberry bushes we were given by a neighbour which Jo planted yesterday.


These are Jo’s runner beans which she planted out yesterday having started them off in a propagator.


We are not sure what this plant is, the one with the white flowers, but it looks very nice at the moment.


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