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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

T-tube Removal

Jo & I really do wonder how on earth the NHS manages to survive.

I had my Liver blood test 2 weeks ago and was told they would send an appointment for my t-tube removal. To be doubly sure they would not forget, Jo rang the ward clerk to check they had put in for the appointment to be told "Oh yes it has been ordered".

So two weeks on we have heard nothing, so with nothing in the post this morning, Jo rang the ward again this afternoon to see if an appointment had actually been booked yet. Jo was told by the ward sister, that according to the booking clerk nothing had been booked, so the sister then rang the consultants secretary to be told there was nothing till May but if we wanted to go to the ward this week they could do it. So we are going to the ward today for a blood test first and if that is OK, they will remove the t-tube. (Fingers Crossed).
Now why could they not book that in the first place?

Yesterday morning Paddy jumped up at me and caught my tube and bag, which caused me a lot of pain. Thankfully that has settled down, but the sooner the tube comes out the better.


Update to this mornings posting, T-tube successfully removed, and I didn’t feel  a thing. Just got to wait for the hole to seal up and heal.



Ian and Irene Jameison said...

We are keeping fingers crossed for you as well. Really cant believe the stupidity of some of the personnel in the NHS. Good job Jo is on the case and can get things done.
Shame we cant tell our dogs to be gentle when we are not feeling to good but I bet Paddy will be glad when you can give him a proper cuddle again.(: Hope it all goes to plan.

Keith Lodge said...

Bless him, he didn't realize of course.