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Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Braunston to Watford Locks

Watford Locks

Watford locks

It was good to be on the move again this morning. First off we moved to the sanitary station to take on water, empty elsans, and dispose of rubbish, especially all the stuff we have sorted out over the Christmas break and decided we no longer wanted and it was just taking up valuable space. If we haven’t used it for 6 months it goes. Reminder to self, make sure I am used more often!

We then winded at Braunston Turn, and headed to the locks. We pulled in at the bottom lock and waited an hour, with no one arriving we set off up the locks. At lock 5 we caught up and joined a boat, which must have been moored in one of the pounds and we shared the last 2 locks with them. We think they were quite new to canals, you can tell you know. They said to Jo that they were heading to Willoughby, which I thought was  not in this direction, and it also seemed strange that they were nowhere in sight as I exited the tunnel. The last I had seen of them as I entered the tunnel they did have their tunnel light on. Once we moored up and I checked, Willoughby was, as I thought, in the other direction on the North Oxford Canal! Either they had taken a wrong turn, or they had got their village names mixed up. Hopefully they hadn’t had a mishap and they are ok.

As we turned on to the Leicester arm we passed Derwent6 and we said a quick happy new year to Del and Al, they asked if we could let them know about water levels on the summit. We got the the bottom lock and moored up for the night. We then walked up to the top lock to see what the level was like. It was ok, and a quick chat to the lockie, whom we didn’t recognise, confirmed we should be ok at the moment. There may even be a chance to get down through Foxton locks, but we will cross that barrier when we get to it.


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