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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Gallow’s Hill to Market Harborough

Map picture


Harborough 2

An early cup of tea and it was raining and windy, but by the time we were up and ready to set off the wind had dropped. There was quite a bit of ice along the whole stretch varying from ½” to 1” thick. We pulled into a free mooring on the towpath outside Union Wharf.

I had my first appointment at our dentist, to have my tooth prepared for a crown this afternoon, so we went into town for some shopping and lunch at Pizza Express.

Harborough 3

I had thought that as I would have to have an injection at the dentist that it would be better to have a cooked lunch and a snack this evening, rather than our evening meal and snack at lunch time. We have a new dentist, our last one has returned to university, which he had warned us he may be doing when we last saw him. My new dentist took impressions of my teeth and then prepared the tooth ready for it’s crown and took a final impression of the prepared tooth, before fitting a temporary cap. She also popped a new filling in one of my other teeth.

We then returned back to the boat, to settle in for a relaxing evening and soup for teatime.


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