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Monday, January 09, 2012

Foxton Locks Inn to Black Horse Bridge

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Foxton Black Horse Bridge

We had been warned about a tree being down at Johnson’s Bridge on the Harborough arm, and that it was subject to removal by contractors. Now not knowing when this would happen, and we didn’t want to end up sitting at Johnson’s Bridge for weeks, unable to wind as the winding hole is the other side of the bridge, I rang up to find out what the score was. I was told I had to speak to Bill the head lock keeper at Foxton as he was handling it, along with many trees that were unsafe in the car park at Foxton locks. Now because Bill works at weekends he has Monday and Tuesday off. I bumped into Mark who works on the land team, who had just arrived to unlock the locks in Bill’s absence. He very kindly rang Bill, who rang back a bit later, as he was driving, to confirm that the tree had been successfully removed.

Consequently we set off to cover the short distance to Black Horse Bridge at Foxton village, which took all of 15mins, ready for our Tesco Delivery tomorrow.

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