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Friday, January 06, 2012

Crick to Foxton Locks

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Foxton 2

A bright and chilly morning greeted us, but at least the winds had died down completely. A fairly longish day for us, 6hours 15mins, but it saw us all the way through to the top of Foxton locks. Two of the large clumps of reeds that for some time now have been reducing the cut width have been removed, making life much easier, especially the clump on the bend north of Mountain Barn Bridge, which was difficult to get round let alone meet a boat coming the other way!

We have been surprised at how few boats there are moored on the summit, I think, like us, they may have decided not to stay up here due to the water shortage. Once we moored up above the locks, and very much to our surprise we are the only boat here, I walked to the top lock, and the only notice there on the lock keepers cottage said there was no lock keeper on duty, and to follow the instructions on the lock beam. There is no mention of water shortage restrictions. We will try to see Bill the head lock keeper over the weekend to find out if we can go down through the locks.



Neil Corbett said...

I've been wondering about the Foxton restrictions. There is no mention of them (that I can see) in the Waterscape stoppages list.

Do let us know what you find out. We fancy a trip from Crick to Market Harborough and back sometime this winter.


Keith (Boatman) said...

No restrictions at present. We spoke to Bill the head lock keeper and the canal has plenty of water in it on both the 20 and 10 mile pounds, but still none in the reservoirs. Going to take a lot of rainfall to fill them up. Keep doing the rain dance!