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Friday, January 13, 2012

Market Harborough to Gallow Hill

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Gallows Hill

With an appointment booked with my dentist for next Wednesday to have the impression of my tooth for a crown, and our 48 hours up on the towpath moorings at Union Wharf, we set off to moor out in the countryside for the weekend. Before we set off we topped up the water tank and emptied the toilet cassette. Once we got moving we carried on past the moorings where we were wanted to moor, and onto the next winding hole which was the other side of Gallow’s Hill Bridge, where we winded and returned to the moorings so that if the weather should turn extremely cold and the canal freezes, we are pointing in the right direction to get back to Harborough. This is midway between Foxton and Harborough as the canal goes, but not as the crow flies!

We were woken up early this morning, about 5:00am, by a fox calling as it got closer to the boat. It got quite close before returning from whence it came. It was either on the towpath or in the gardens on the offside of the canal. From some recordings Jo found on-line it sounds like it may have been the mating call, which would be about right for the time of year.


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