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Monday, April 16, 2012

Beeston to Hurleston.

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A coldish start to the morning, but the sun when it shone through was warming, but when it disappeared behind a cloud the wind still had a cold bite to it. We met up with Gwen and Colin on nb “Pal” at Beeston iron lock, and from Beeston stone lock we shared locks. Bunbury locks was the last ones to share.


Just before Calveley they pulled in for breakfast.


Some nice tulips.


Passing Barbridge Junction.


Cherry blossom just starting to emerge.


First sighting of Hurleston Reservoir.


nb “Pal” following behind.


The start of the Llangollen canal, with the 4 Hurleston locks immediately starting up the hill from Hurleston juncti0n. We bid our farewells to nb “Pal” as they were continuing on to Nantwich.


Working our way up through Hurleston locks.



At the top of the locks some BW staff were fitting a boom across the spillway to the reservoir, there has been a fuel spillage further up the canal, and they have to stop it getting into the reservoir, not what you need. Hence there is no flow on the canal at present as they have it shut down in terms of supplying water to the reservoir. I presume they will have to wait for the spillage to work its way down through the locks, before reopening the reservoir. I hope it isn’t a large spillage.


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