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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Colemere to Ellesmere

Map picture

Ellesmere junction

Yesterday was decidedly wet, as per the weather forecast, so we stayed in the warm and dry. Today seemed better but having started off the rain returned and didn’t stop until just before we arrived at Ellesmere. It was only a short journey taking us past Blake Mere, which we will stop at and explore on our return journey.



Then the very short but narrow Ellesmere tunnel.



We ventured up the arm, winded, and did attempt a mooring in the arm, but it was too shallow, so we initially moored up on the Whitchurch side of the junction, doing a swap fo places with Les & Jacqueline on Nb Valerie and chatted for a while with some other boaters, before moving away from the junction to opposite the BW maintenance yard. The likelihood of being rammed by boats manoeuvring at the junction is quite high, especially with the weekend approaching. Very much like Foxton junction. Lunch was then followed by a shopping trip to the new Tescos alongside the end of arm, which is very handy.


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