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Friday, April 13, 2012

Cheshire Cat to Wharton’s Lock (Beeston Castle)

Map picture

Beeston Castle

We had a great meal at The Cheshire Cat last night, now we know why everyone recommends it.

Having sold some firelighters this morning we set off for Beeston. Well when I say Beeston I mean Beeston Castle, which we want to visit over the weekend.


Just some of the moored boats of the 1.5 miles at Golden Nook.


One of a pair of buzzards circling overhead.


Getting ever closer to the castle.



We were fortunate to meet up with a boat at the only lock for today, Wharton’s, then moored up above it, this being the closest point for walking to the castle, which we will do sometime over the weekend.

This afternoon we finally got round to sorting out our front button fender, which after nearly 5 years was looking rather tatty. This was the old fender after we had taken the piece of rubber tyre off to reuse on the new fender.


Probably well past its sell by date.


This is the new fender with the piece of rubber tyre off of the old fender refitted to the new fender.


This me fitting the new fender in place, and adjusting it to fit.


The final result,  not perfect, but will at least be a bit better than the original. It needs readjusting when it has bedded in.



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